8 x 375mg Psilocybin squares infused with
8 x 20mg THC
Although cannabinoids and psilocybin bind to food and liquids in different ways, THC oils and mushroom powder both mix into melted chocolate easily. Just be sure you know the dosage and how to handle your shit in case things get trippy, because studies show that cannabis, unsurprisingly, enhances psilocybin. Most of these studies were hampered by federal prohibition, however, and the cannabis was smoked, not eaten. There are anecdotal reports and recipes for double-trouble edibles online, so it has been done, but edible highs last longer than smoking highs, so expect a bonus ride or two. However, this process may not be exact, and you should use caution when consuming our chocolates. Start by eating one-half of a square chocolate and waiting 30-40 minutes before consuming more. 

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Psilocybin & THC Chocolate

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