This Vape juice was made with Gorilla Bomb and The Joker.

Gorilla Bomb has an insanely sky-high THC content of 25% which makes it super-potent. The good thing about her though is that she gives a nice mix of euphoria and calm that will later turn into deep relaxation. Nevertheless, be aware that the Gorilla is super-strong so you definitely want to take it slow!

This vape juice was made with PEG400. Meaning you need a vaporizer with temperature settings. Optimal is between 190° -210° Celsius. The vape juice is heavily concentrated. It can be diluted with your favorite flavor.

Five Incredible Health Benefits of Vaping Weed

Is the age of the coughing fit over? It just might be as vaping cannabis catches on.

1. Vape contains substantially fewer toxins than smoke

Smoking weed may be less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but smoking weed can still be pretty harmful.

The process of combusting marijuana can create different carcinogens (plus tar) that can cause lung infections.

Vaping weed, on the other hand, doesn't involve combust marijuana in the way using a pipe or bong does. When vaping, somewhere around 95% of the vapor you're getting contains those sweet cannabinoids-- and that means you're getting a 95% lung irritant-free puff every time.

When smoking a joint or blunt, over 88% of the smoke you're inhaling contains lung irritants and particles that aren't cannabinoids. That's a pretty substantial difference, don't you think?

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Vape Juice - 30ml - Sativa 1:2 CBD

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