Benefits of Marijuana Infused Massage Oil  – Cannabis is being used in many ways to treat chronic pain. Possibly one of the most interesting ways is topically through massage.

When applied topically, cannabis oil does not have any of the psychoactive properties that come with ingesting this herb. So, you get all the pain-relieving benefits without any of the side effects.

Fast-Acting Pain Relief

We’ve all taken pills in an effort to relieve pain, but the downside to this is that it takes a while before it works. In order for the pill to relieve pain, it must be digested and its ingredients dispersed. Cannabis oil bypasses this system by working directly at the source of pain.

You can apply marijuana-infused massage oil directly to the affected area, and it gets to work right away. Once the oil is applied, its included cannabinoids bind with your skin’s TRPV1 receptor, which has a positive influence on CB1 and CB2 receptors, to provide quick relief.

Localized Pain Management

If you’ve ever taken prescription pain meds, you know how they can make you feel a bit “off.” Ingesting marijuana for pain can have the same effect. However, cannabis-based massage oils work differently.

The oils work through the skin and not the bloodstream, so it doesn’t impact the rest of your body. This is why you won’t feel any sort of “high” from cannabis massage oil. The cannabinoids work directly through receptors in the skin to manage your pain symptoms.

Reduces Inflammation

When your immune system is constantly triggering an inflammatory response, you may be in constant pain. Inflammation in itself doesn’t necessarily cause pain, but it can stimulate nerves that will lead to the old familiar painful sensation.

A Rheumatology study found that cannabis can help fight inflammation. Researchers found that patients with arthritis had abnormally high rates of CB2 receptors in their joint tissues. Fortunately, cannabis works directly with these receptors to provide pain relief.

A Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management study also found that cannabis oil shows great promise for managing difficult-to-treat pain. And an Allergy study found that topical cannabis reduced allergic inflammation by decreasing pro-inflammatory mediators.

Cannabis has definite inflammation-fighting capabilities that can effectively reduce chronic pain at its source.

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